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About Us

Goldak Airborne Surveys has been in the business of ground, marine and airborne geophysics since 1970. Since 1995 we have focused exclusively in airborne geophysics and have amassed extensive experience in magnetic gradiometry, gamma ray spectrometry and VLF-EM methods. Since the turn of the century we have collected over 3.6 million line kilometers of high resolution geophysical data including more than 500,000 kilometers of radiometric data.

All our survey aircraft and equipment is company owned meaning no rentals, no delays and no hurried installations. This results in completive bids and consistent quality for every project. We operate only a small number of projects at any given time meaning your survey receives our complete attention.

Our client list includes more than 50 exploration and consulting companies, both small and large, Canadian and international. We have performed many surveys for the Geological Survey of Canada, whose comprehensive technical specifications are an industry benchmark. Other recent clients include the Ontario Geological Survey, the United States Geological Survey, Ministère d'Energie et Ressources Naturelles du Québec and the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

In short, we have the expertise and experience to make your survey everything you need it to be.